The Parolee: A Detective Blanchette Mystery Book 3

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September 22, 2021 by Marguerite Ashton

It feels good to be writing again!

Now, I need to admit one more thing. All though I’m writing again, the pain and grieving that I’m dealing with comes and goes. At times, writing is put on the back burner. I focus on a lot of self-healing and positive outlets such as PIYO, weightlifting, and power walking.

So much has happened and continues to happen. I avoid the news as much possible, but enough to be aware of what is going on. Working in healthcare, I see both sides of the spectrum and realized no matter what side you’re on, EVERYONE is stressed, emotionally exhausted, and heartbroken because of the pandemic.

It was hard, but I decided to stop getting caught up in every news article or station regarding the reality that we as a nation are facing. The minute tears pool in the corner of my eyes because of all of the bad things going on in the world – hearing about it constantly can be overwhelming.

As for the good news! The Parolee (more with Detective Lily Blanchette) will be released next year!

I am almost caught up on the release dates for my books. What matters most is that I took care of myself and now I’m looking forward to engaging with my readers again. A blurb for The Parolee will be posted next week.

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