Taking Care of Our Elderly

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July 1, 2021 by Marguerite Ashton

I don’t care what you say, there should always be someone on the floor, even during a shift change.

As we all know, all it takes is for a second or a minute to be around or listen and one of our residents has fallen.

But what hasn’t changed is the severity of a fall. Some go unreported, figuring it’s just a small incident and everything will be okay. Especially, when you ask the person who fell.

Their response, most of the time is, “I’ll be fine.”

Unfortunately, the truth is that is that is not always the case. In assisted living, home aide health, or the daily lives involving our elders, a fall can lead to death. As our elderly start to realize they will no longer be in control of certain parts of their lives, there’s a battle inside of them that wants to ignore the truth. To us it’s truth. But to them (parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts) a part of them is being taken away.

So, that’s why I want us at R.B. Nursing Home to take a step a back and reevaluate our desire to take that extra second, or minute for residents who are gravitating towards us for care. Even if they are constantly pushing their call light, we shouldn’t complain. We should do our job and answer that light, from that same resident, that has flashed for the nineteenth time during our shift.

Why? It’s simple. It could be that nineteenth time that they have fallen. That time they are unable to do for themselves.

In a second, their independence could be gone. We need to be there.

In a second, their ability to call for help could be gone. We need to be there.

In a second, when they tug at their clothes, get sassy or yell, they are dealing with a frustration that we may not understand. Unless we take a moment and go back to our training. Are they in pain? Are they hungry? Do they miss their family and want to see them at that exact moment. Are they dealing with memory issues that are getting worse?  We need to be there.

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