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January 21, 2022 by Marguerite Ashton

After serving two years in prison for breaking the neck of the man who assaulted his sister, Arden is released on bail. He lands a job working at Tuffy’s, a restaurant and bar on the beach strip, alongside his former cellmate, Slip Winegarden. Things seem to be looking good for Arden until it all starts to unravel…

When Slip is caught crossing Viktor Khernov, Tuffy’s owner, Arden witnesses the madman’s revenge from close quarters. Arden’s parole officer tells him to find another job or lose his parole status. Meanwhile, the detective investigating Slip’s murder tightens the vice by ordering Arden to stay on the job and feed him information or face the same penalty. Amid Arden’s ongoing drama, trying to stay cool, is Josie Marshall, widow of a detective found murdered in front of their beach strip home a few years ago–a murder Josie solved on her own (and told in Reynolds’ previous novel Beach Strip). Josie thinks men can be handy sometimes, but she’d prefer they left her alone. Fat chance, especially after her relationship with Slip Winegarden becomes known. Soon she and Arden are trying to fend off Viktor Kernov and his muscled sidekick, as well as the homicide detective determined to solve Slip Winegarden’s murder, all while drawn into a romance that neither of them saw coming but both appear unable to avoid.

About John:

John Lawrence Reynolds is an author of fiction and non-fiction books. A native of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada he was educated at Westdale Secondary School and McMaster University, where he graduated with degrees in English and Psychology.

After an extensive career in advertising, supplemented by sideline activities as a musician, photographer, film & video director, and on-air radio host, his first book – a mystery titled The Man Who Murdered God – was published to critical acclaim in 1989. This was followed by a series of other mystery novels and a lengthy period of writing non-fiction books, including several ghost-writing projects.

He has won three Arthur Ellis awards for Mystery Fiction, a National Business Book award (Three other titles were short-listed), a National Magazine Award, and been recognized by an Author’s Award from the Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Letters.

To see more of John’s books please visit his website at

To purchase his book, Beach Blonde on Amazon.

Find John on Goodreads.

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