Breaking Dawn Part II vs The Hobbit

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January 7, 2013 by Marguerite Ashton

Well, some of you are aware of the crazy obsession I have over the Twilight Series and for months I talked about the release date of Breaking Dawn Part 2, which drove my husband nuts as the day approached.

When that day in November came I was thirty minutes early to the theater to make sure I had a seat before all of the teens claimed them. My husband went with me and didn’t complain.

Of course, I loved the fourth installment and was probably the only one cheering for my favorite character, Charlie. Yes, I’m #Team Charlie and was happy to see him have a love interest.

As I wait patiently for the movie to be released on DVD, my husband who didn’t make a peep about going to the show, returned the favor of driving me bonkers about wanting to go see The Hobbit.

We double dated with friends and arrived just as the movie started. Ten minutes into the show, my eyes began to close without my permission. Yes, I fell asleep during the movie, but I wasn’t the only one.

I managed to wake up just in time to see the part with the eagles. When I looked over at my friend, I noticed she was sleeping as well.

It had nothing to do with me not liking the movie; I just had a hard time following it. The Lord of the Rings was much more interesting and according to my husband, The Hobbit is a must for people who want to know what happened before it all began.

To sum things up, I felt really bad about not being awake and will make every effort to purchase it before he does, hoping to surprise him.

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