Hooked on Crime Fiction

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December 1, 2014 by Marguerite Ashton

A little-known fact: a book is not going to do very well if the market for the genre is not there. There is pressure to not only create a powerful story but to create something original as well.

The history of crime fiction predates the early 1800’s. When it found its way into the minds of American writers—such as Raymond Chandler and Michael Collins—it created a new approach to crime writing. We now had our own set of standards and stereotypes that we usually follow.

You might find yourself thinking: “what hasn’t already been written?” That is when your creative brain should take over. What do writers do best? We create.

We learn that literary agents are looking for “a voice;” something unique. We need to avoid clichés, stereotypes and eliminate slow starts.

Crime fiction provides an adrenaline rush. Why? It is because a crime has been committed, and we want the perpetrator to be caught. We keep reading, hoping to learn why they did it.

Once readers begin a journey with a character, we cannot disappoint them. We want them talking throughout the book as they try to figure out who is the killer and who is the next victim.

What draws you to read or write crime fiction?

Who do you think reads more crime fiction? Men or women?

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