Virtual Birthday Celebration

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April 11, 2020 by Marguerite Ashton

When you’ve been quarantined for a while and get the courage to sing…I can’t carry a tune, but I’ll do anything to make my momma smile (or laugh) for her 66th birthday!

This will be the second time in two years that I remember not being able to celebrate her birthday in person. The first time was in 2017. She had been admitted to the ICU after finishing cancer treatments. Her white blood count was low and she had no appetite to eat. Mom, not realizing what was happening to her, didn’t understand that her body was beginning to shut down. She was going to die. All I remember being told by the doctors, that it was touch and go. That they didn’t believe she was going to make it. The minute they mentioned hospice, my mind began processing the list of things mom and I said we were going to do something, but never got the chance to do so.

Then I was forced to think about the unthinkable. I could lose my mom. I wasn’t prepared emotionally. But realistically, who’s prepared for the emotional ups and downs followed by the loss of a loved one? No matter how organized I was, bracing for the bad news that loomed over my head felt like the dumbells that use during my weightlifting

The second time involved being quarantined during the current COVID-19. Although this pandemic isn’t over, it’s one that we’re doing our best to adjust to and

Now we push it to the limit. Before being quarantined, if mom said she wanted to do something, I made it a priority in my schedule to include her. As a mom to little ones, it’s definitely an emotional rollercoaster ride. Eventually, I had to learn to compartmentalize activities and emotions. Let me assure you, it’s not easy to do.

My main concern was taking care of my family and mom. Thank goodness for my hubby. He stepped in and helped out when needed.

Love you, Momma. I’m looking forward to our virtual celebration tonight.

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